Some Truth. And an Idea.

An hour or so ago, I was just putting the finishing touches on a blog post that I had written out of frustration, anger, and ignorance.  Then the phone rang.  I spent 45 minutes talking with a IBD who has his shit together.  I’m talking, to-fucking-gether. Because of this fella, I relegated another blog post to Draft Folder Purgatory…but then after one beer…some clarity.

This is going to require some help from all 7 of my readers.


1)I want to create a blog that is inspirational, educational, and of value to Independent Local Bike Shops.

2)I have really sucked ass at blogging for the most part.  Acknowledged.

3)Inside of my head and heart lies a passion for local bike shops and the people who make them work.

4)I don’t want to suck ass at blogging any more.

5)I want to dedicate time to deeply understanding the challenges of sustainability in bicycle retail.

6)I want to create positive changes in the bicycle industry and give sound advice to retailers.

An Idea:

There’s a project that I would like to pursue.  A series of case studies where:

(Truth x Analysis) + (Passion x Emotion)= Retail, aka, The Independent Local Bike Shop.

This is where you come in.

Over the next 12 months I would like to work with and study, in detail, 4 Bicycle Retailers who are interested doing a deep dive into their business.  Roughly one shop per quarter.

We’ll have a minimum of one weekly meeting via skype and will report a minimum of one blog post to the world every other week.

You will remain anonymous unless you decide to release the information publically.

The timing right now is perfect!  There is an opportunity to discuss the stress of yearly preseason orders and yearly projections.

If you’re a bike shop owner who is willing to share everything for the sake of education, I’m talking to you.  Please feel free to contact me at

Until next time.




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