You want answers? -I want the truth!

So friends here I am late in the evening typing feverishly.  Freshly settled in Chattanooga, TN and a few delicious beers into the game.  (Big Thanks to Community Pie for the refreshments.)

The previous post I made was clearly a bitching session.  A classic WTF moment.  Honestly, it felt good just to release my own unorganized “Bike Industry Banter” into the world.  Now… Here I am lamenting over the things I should have mentioned.

Mostly, I’d like to give a shout out to a friend and colleague, Andy Corson, for calling out my weak ass attempt at my blog post and asking me…

“So what IS happening Greg?”


“What’s happening with IBDs?”

Corson et al.,

Onto your shit-eating-grin questions…

  1. Damn you Andy. Kenneth J. Bloggins.  Don’t be a dick.  I love you. Wanna guest post?
  2. IBDs and suppliers are not in alignment.  At least not in most cases.  Bicycle retailers are struggling.  They are on the ropes.  Most of which have opened a shop because they like bikes.  Not because they know how to manage a retail store or the host of other responsibilities that come with owning a bike shop.  IE: HR, accounting, purchasing, AR, Cash Flow Analysis, social media rock stardom, staff training, merchandising, selling strategy, proper punctuation, and-the-list-goes-on.
  3. Every shop owner and employee I talk to feels out of touch and out of sync with what’s happening in the wonderful world of bicycle retail.  Mind you, these are Bicycle Retailers who have no idea what in the hell the future holds.  How is it possible that the salt of the Earth people who create the bicycle industry, day in and day out, have no fucking idea where we’re headed?  That just seems super fucked up.  Are you serious Clark?
  4. Bike shops are closing left and right.  And good ones.  On top of that, a few really great shops are losing key people.  Why? Because they are not making enough money or finding legitimate solutions to their problems to continue forward.  Hello, Tobie D. and Jeff K.
  5. The bike industry is approximately 5 light years behind the curve when it comes to using technology.  At least according Sam, a long time Chattanooga bike shop dude.  I have to agree with Sam here.  When’s the last time a manufacturer, supplier, distributor actually invested in the retailer as a part of their retail strategy online?  And no, I’m not talking about the we’ve-made-a-corporate-decision-to-sell-bikes-and-shit-online-and-in-order-to-placate-you-as-a-retailer-we-are-going-to-offer-you-some-money kind of way.  Is it really that hard to include the retailer, the most important aspect of the bicycle industry, into the decision making process?  If, as an industry, we’re going to through a billion dollars at strategy, it might make sense to look beyond the walls of the building you go to work in every day.
  6. I’m tired. 5 points was enough.  I have shop visits to do tomorrow.  Mark my words.  I’ll be back.

Go away, I’ve been asleep for hours by the time you’ve read this.


Okay Okay Okay…

Education, Alignment, Investment, and…Support?.?  Maybe those are productive topics.  I’m out for realz this time.






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